Tabung Haji Tower was completed in 1984. It was designed by the legendary Malaysian architect Hijjas Kasturi. The building back then was not only the tallest building in Malaysia but also hailed as the highest Muslim office of the world. The building has a circular ground plan which flares at both its base and top, and is supported on five massive columns


which line the entire height of the structure. Each column, in its hollow, includes a peripheral air conditioning system serving one fifth of each floor area. The building’s forecourt is punctuated by the mosque’s tapering dome surmounted by a round blue-colored finial and a free-standing minaret ending in a blue-colored pointed finial.

The tower was officially launched by Almarhum Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Sultan Mahmood Iskandar, The eighth Yang Di-Pertuan Agong on 19th September 1985.

The height of this tower is 152 meters (500 feet) with 39 floors consisting of 27 office floors, 7 levels of car park, 2 floors for service room and 2-storey multi-purpose floors to accommodate counters, large hall, media center, cafeteria and banking. The building is also designed with a conical pray area which can accommodate between 250 to 600 people; and, it is also used for Friday prayers.