TH continues to share our success with countless stakeholders through a steadfast focus on our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. This is in line with the Islamic principles and TH standing as a caring organisation, with a mission to uphold the socioeconomic status of the Muslims in Malaysia. TH continued with our CSR activities which have benefited thousands of our stakeholders nationwide in line with our aspiration to share our success with all.


TH‘s CSR programme is an important element within its business activities. TH has consistently maintained its position as a caring and responsible organisation by contributing and sharing income earned with its stakeholders, through various community and environmental activities.

TH‘s stakeholders include depositors, hajj pilgrims, strategic business partners, the government and its agencies, consultants, suppliers as well as its staff.

Every year, TH implements over 500 CSR activities with a budget allocation of more than RM100 million. These community and social welfare programmes have directly benefited thousands of Malaysian Hajj Pilgrims and more than 20,000 individuals nationwide.