TH continues to establish its presence in the marketplace, both domestically and internationally by venturing into several investment sectors in accordance with Islamic principles such as plantation, property development and construction, Islamic finance, information technology, oil and gas, travel services and halal food. With a net profit of more than RM3 billion, TH is capable of giving back competitive returns to its stakeholders annually.


TH gains competitive advantage through its innovative services and attractive savings schemes designed to encourage savings and investments. Today, TH has more than 8 million depositors and a network of 122 branches with more than 6,000 touch-points nationwide. TH also makes its presence globally by operating an office in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"A unique and the only of its kind in the world“

- Tabung Haji -

TH was meant to play a bigger social role, thus in addition to managing pilgrimage activities, it operates as an alternative institutional body providing investment opportunities for Islamic depositors to save and invest in accordance to Islamic principles. Depositors’ money is invested in selected investment establishments spread across a diverse range of investment portfolios based strictly on Syariah principles to preserve the purity and integrity of profits derived which is free from “riba” elements and to avoid trading in prohibited ‘haram’ products.