Islamic finance and banking is still new compared to conventional banking and financial sector. Therefore, it requires a continuous effort to explain this concept to various parties. Number of individuals who know very little about and are very busy with only a wake of onset to a practical product, and can bargain in a space existing laws.


The more the party began to show a keen interest in studying the field of Islamic banking and finance either from among the clergy, lawyers, academics, corporate entrepreneurs, public and university students.

Arising from that requirement, he came as an effort Zaharuddin Abd. Rahman to help provide a better understanding of the:

• display with language and information easy and simple, but enough to understand the application of a contract with an initial picture until the end.

• Taking passages from the book of ancient, modern and resolution fatwa authoritative bodies, both nationally and internationally, to exploit more fully able to be obtained by the reader, especially the scholars of sharia.

• Raise the answers to some frequent questions about a product.