As an attempt to provide ease to consumers when locating halal food premises or restaurants, HDC is proud to introduce its inaugural Halal Mobile Apps made available on most mobile platforms. This is the World’s First Government Halal Certified premise locator as the first module was first introduced in 2010 for many other applications to be made available on the Halal Mobile Apps. It is developed to provide users with accurate location of halal food premises using the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and Google Maps. Users will have the experience to locate halal food premises and restaurants certified by JAKIM within 20km radius from the current location. This software application is also equipped with performance monitoring system where users could rate the cleanliness of the food premises or restaurants. In the second and third modules, users will be able to easily obtain mobile access on the halal directory and halal industry news and knowledge via the Halal Mobile Apps.

Innovation Highlights

A few innovative feature, include GPS Locator, Social Media Integration, Customer Ratings and Halal Knowledge. With GPS locator, users are able to see the list of halal premise within 20km radius. It is not limited to the list, but it helps consumers to reach the location using Google maps. Social media helps consumer to share their check-in via Facebook and Twitter. This apps is also embedded with knowledge on halal ingredient and related fatwa while at the same time it is equipped with a real time HDC Global Industry News RSS. Users can contribute to the statistics for the authorities by using the rating feature for halal premise where the results will be submitted to Jakim to undertake enforcement. For policy makers, a live statistic is also available to assist with planning and direction in the halal industry. The halal directory is linked with Jakim database and provides automatic updates on newly halal certified companies on month basis. The Halal Mobile Apps introduced by HDC is built based on the newly HTML5 technology standard which has the ability to provide seamless experience to users and is made available on at least 90% of all new smartphones, supporting the latest version of webkit. The application can be uploaded onto new version of Apple iOS, Nokia Symbian, Google Android and Blackberry OS with all supported webkit, hence will promote consistent rendering of HTML5 across various mobile devices. Halal Mobile Apps by HDC includes social media features which enable users to share various Halal related data on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter with ease, hence creating a new Halal lifestyle and sublime promotion.