This fun looking Halal Info Booklet provides the fundamental understanding of basic concept of halal and haram food in the most creative way for young readers. The children will not only learn the ‘halalan thoyyiban’ concept on food but also other products such as personal care and pharmaceutical. The book also includes the healthy and nutritional aspects of halal food and the identification of Malaysia Halal Logo. The book is available in two (2) languages; Bahasa Malaysia and English.

What’s inside the book?

Halal Info Booklet

Author: Information Resource Management, HDC

Illustrator: Mohd Nazri Zainuddin & HDC

Publisher: Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC),

Publication Date: 4 March 2012 ISBN: 978-983-44764-5-8 (English)/ 978-983-44764-6-5(Bahasa Malaysia)

Format: Soft cover book

For ages: 7- 9

Type: Educational kit