Halal Discoveries for Young Readers

Mummy, what is halal? Mummy, what is Haram? Daddy, why is it good to eat halal food? Kids have 1001 questions when it comes to understanding the concept of ‘halalan thoyyiban’. And some parents might find it difficult to explain the concept to the little ones. HDC came out with Halal Activity Book and Halal Info Booklet for children age 4-9 where the contents of these books provided an easy-to-read, fun and creative for the children to understand and practice in their daily lives.


Halal Activity Book This attractive Halal Activity Book helps children in understanding the basic concept of halal and haram food in the most fun and creative way. Din and Nur will guide the children in learning the ‘halalan thoyyiban’ concept through stickers, puzzles and maze. Children will also learn that halal food is not only good for the Muslims but also good for everyone else. Parents will also have quality and fun times with the children doing the knowledge activities together. The book is available in two (2) languages; Bahasa Malaysia and English.

What’s inside the book?

Author: Information Resource Management, HDC

Illustrator: Mohd Nazri Zainuddin & HDC

Publisher: Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC),

Publication Date: 4 March 2012 ISBN: 978-983-44764-7-2 (English)/ 978-983-44764-8-8(Bahasa Malaysia)

Format: Soft cover book

For ages: 4- 6

Type: Educational kit

To purchase this publication, kindly contact 1.800.880.2525 (within Malaysia) / +603.7965.5400 (outside Malaysia) or contact at http://www.hdcglobal.com/publisher/contact_us Halal Discoveries for Young Readers program is part of HDC Halal Creative Channel Project.