Teens or young adults in this new edge world are smarter and more creative. This comic is an innovative approach that is not only effective, but also they are fun and easy to understand without compromising the vital information on halal, which is the main gist of the comic. Young readers will be exposed with the concept of slaughtering, safety and quality of halal products in our daily life. Ingredients such as additives and alcohol are discussed in this comic for the young generation to understand its implication to the integrity and safety of halal products. The language used in this comic is suitable for young readers age 10 – 14. The comic too is supplemented with word search and cross word puzzles for the readers to enjoy.

What’s inside the book?

Kembara HalalKu/ My Halal Adventure

Author: Information Resource Management, HDC

Illustrator: Eye Development & HDC

Publisher: Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC),

Publication Date: 6 November 2012

ISBN: 978-983-44764-9-6

Format: Soft cover book

For ages: 10- 14

Type: Educational kit