1. What is Malaysiana.net?

Malaysiana.net is an e-Catalogue developed by Kota Buku to promote titles and works produced by Malaysian or published in Malaysia or titles which contain Malaysian interests.

Most Malaysian works will be featured in the e-Catalogue with useful information such as author name, ISBN, number of pages, book sizes and other bibliographic information.

In general, Kota Buku has identified six (6) main categories to represent Malaysiana content but the list is not exhaustive. The list of Malaysiana titles is growing from time to time.


2. What are the six (6) main categories of Malaysiana?

The six main categories are:

  • Islamika Malaysiana (include Islamic banking and Finance, Sukuk, Takaful and Islamic business)
  • Hajj Management (include the how to, travelogue, rulings, Malaysian experiences)
  • Halal (include the introduction, halal education, halal certification and issues of halal)
  • Malaysian Commodity (include titles on Palm oil, Rubber, Plantations)
  • Malaysian Biodiversity (include titles on Malaysian unique flora and fauna)
  • Malaysian Socio-cultural (include titles about the uniqueness of Malaysian cultures such as Malaysian aborigines, Dances, Foods, Cultural, Societies and many more)


3. Who can participate in Malaysiana.net?


Anybody can participate and join the community of Malaysiana.net

  • Authors/Illustrators/Content Owner
  • Publishers
  • Literary Agents
  • Editors



4. Is there any charge for the publisher / content owner to list in this e-catalogue?


Whoever who owns and publishes any content about Malaysia can participate in this centralized catalogue. Currently, the content space is free of charge until further notice.



5. Who can visit and access this catalogue?

Anybody can visit this catalogue but for the first time visitor, there will be a requirement for registration and e-mail verification.  We would like to have genuine trade visitors to visit and communicate with us.


6. What are the unique features of this site?

  • A centralized catalogue of Malaysiana titles
  • Visitors can browse through the titles and be able to engage with the copyright owners through our administration
  • Visitors can purchase physical books and e-Books through this portal
  • Visitors can made rights enquiry from this portal



7. If there is a rights inquiry, how the publisher will be contacted?


Kota Buku will connect the potential rights enquiry with the publisher. Our service includes from initiating the conversation between the inquirer and the publisher and acting as the mediator through the whole process until the end of the copyright transactions offline. In most cases, Kota Buku will act as the rights agent representing the original content owner.



8. What are the featured titles about?


There is a special section at the front page of the website where we will have ‘featured titles’ to highlight selected titles to the visitors. These titles are award-winners and high-potential titles or specially acknowledged by Kota Buku as the representatives of Malaysiana contents.



9. What is the function of the action buttons?


Action buttons such as ‘BUY’ and ‘ASK ABOUT RIGHTS’ would enable the visitors to purchase the books listed in the catalogue and submitting inquiries to the relevant person about the rights availability of the titles.


10.  Can I buy books through this site?

Yes, you can. The visitors will be channeled directly to the original publisher’s online store for purchasing process either for physical books or e-Book version.


11. How the publishers/content owners will be linked to the catalogue?


Participating publishers will be provided with an account that comes with a special dashboard function. The dashboard will enable the publishers to self-manage their titles such as content upload and download and make changes to the book data at any time.


12.  What is Malaysiana blog?


Malaysiana blog is a special blog to compliment this e-Catalogue. The articles in the blog cover topics on the six Malaysiana focused categories and Malaysia current updates.